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Okay, just because I’m in the mood for it, I am doing a giveaway. For no other reason than to give one of my followers the chance of winning cool stuff. 

I have had a couple of times now where I probably should have done a giveaway, but didn’t do one at all… But don’t worry, I’m doing one now, so it’s okay and totally makes up for it, right?

And just look at what I’m offering:

  • A poster from The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
  • BBC Sherlock t-shirt (medium sized)
  • A copy of Time Magazine with some bloke on the cover
  • DW shoelaces! 
  • A Dalek badge
  • Two iron on thingies with the Silence and a weeping angel
  • Caramel tea from Fredsted

Do you want the things? Do you? All you gotta do is:

  • Follow me (this is a thing for my followers, so obviously you’ll have to follow me in order to win)
  • Reblog the thing (you can like the thing as well but it won’t count, and you can reblog the thing more than once if you want)

I’ll pick a winner Saturday May 31st at 19:00GMT. I’ll contact the winner and they’ll have 24 hours to respond. If they haven’t responded by then, I’ll pick a new winner. 

I will, of course, ship the items to the winner, no matter where they are (although I do want us to split the shipping cost if they live on the moon, sorry).

Good luck, lovelies<3

- Perns

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Heartbreaking Simpsons Moments 1/∞: Bart Gets an F

I never understood why it’s an F if he gets more than half out of 100? Unless it’s more than 100. If you get more than half the answers right how is it an F?

You must not be from America. Here, grading is fucked up.

Average American Grading Scale:
A+- 97-100
A - 94-96
A- - 90-93
B- 80-89
C- 70-79
D- 60-69
F- 59 and under

oh wow that is fucked up

why do they skip E in america

There’s an E in other grading scales?

And in some places in America it goes by a 7 point scale, so it’d be
A - 100-93
B - 92-85
C - 84-78
D - 77-70
F - 69 and below

Now you understand why American kid’s feel like there’s no point to school. If you have a 100 question text, and get 79 of them correct, that’s a C. That mean’s your Average Intelligence on this particular subject. And it get’s even worse when you have only like… a 10 question quiz. If you get two wrong? that’s a B. 80 fucking %. Now tell me again why American school’s are easier? 

No wait but whats the grading system in other countries?

UK Grading Scale

100-70: A

69-60: B

59-50: C

49-40: D

Below 40: F


next time you try to tell americans that we’re stupid

i’m gonna remind you

that our “average” is your “A”

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Such polite barks

he gets up all excited the last time like YEAH I’M GONNA SPEAK YEAH WATCH THIS


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